Sample of OEM Parts


Sample of OEM Parts

Service Kit for Blow Nozzle


Service Kit for Preblow/Blow & Exhaust Valve


3-Way Lower Repair Kit


Service Kit for Strecthing Cylinder


Service Kit for 5/2 Way Sol Valve


Bottle Gripper / Transfer Finger


Pinion Left & Right for Head of Gripper


Spindle Nose


Quick Change Arm Body


Transfer Arm


Shock Absorber


Shock Absorber


Air Cylinder


Stretching Cylinder Unit


Blow Nozzle Cylinder


Blow Nozzle Cylinder


Anti Rotation Cylinder


Pneumatic Actuator & Ball Valve


Blow - Pre Blow and Exhaust Valve


Solenoid Valve


High Pressure Regulator


High Pressure Regulator


Quick Change Linear Spindle Chain


Pressure Reduction Line


Linear Motion Guide


Air Rotary Union


Base Mold Guide Shaft


Pivot Shaft


Guide Rail


Cylinder Nozzle


Repait Kit for Regulator


Service kit for ISO 5/2 Valve


Compression Spring

Sample of OEM Parts

Torsion Spring Left/Right


Centering Bell


Bottle Cells


Draw Spring


Repair Kit for Blow Valve - Universal


Bearing Bushing


Coupling Element


Toothed Sector - Pinnion Assy








Locking Pin


IR Lamp Terminal Strip


Pilot Valve




Mac Valve


Ejector Spindle


Pinion Gear Assy


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